Thursday, April 10, 2008


1. ADAL GIMONG MANGWAYAWAYA, continuing regular formation sessions of the communty facilitated by the couple Langen Agassawa in their own Purok.

a. Ojbectives: to facilitate paradigm shift and formation of consciousness, to discover and analyze situations as basis for community transformative action

b. Process:

1) Session begins with life situation. An analysis of presented particular life situation mirrors the community’s own life situation.

2) Word of God is presented as word of life. It presents a liberating perspective on life. It challenges and leads the community to transforming action.

3) Action for Life is the concrete response of the community to the Word of God transforming their own particular life situation. Specific planning is done by the community to implement desired action.


1. SANAY LANGEN AGASSAWA: Training of couples from the Purok to serve a facilitators in the purok

a. Objectives: to initiate couples into community leadership service, to facilitate couple relationship growth as basis for community leadership

b. Process:

1)Introduction: Community singing to prepare the couples for participation. Couple introducing themselves to their fellow participants. Present the objectives and process of the training.

2)Divide the couples into small group sharing with PAT or trained couples as facilitators

3)Celebration of Renewal of Marriage Vows as a community

4)Present the tasks of Langen Agassawa in the Purok

c. Tasks of Couples in the Purok:

1) Facilitate regular Tongtongan Adal Gimong

2) Facilitate youth and children formation activities in the Purok

3) Facilitate community activities and mobilizations

4) Coordinate ministries in the Purok


3. KASASAAD PASTORAL TI PAROKIA, making a document on the pastoral situation of the parish based on the results of the Tongtongan Pastoral iti Barangay and the Sarungkar Pagtaengan

a. Objectives: To make a profile of the pastoral situation of the parish as context of pastoral program. To raise the awareness of people on concrete challenge of the Kingdom-mission

b. Process:

(1)Collate the pastoral survey results in concrete descriptions and statistics

(2)Interpret the collated data and make a draft document

(3)Validate the draft with the parish team

(4)Publish the document for people to own their situation as starting point of change

2.TONGTONGAN PASTORAL ITI BARANGAY: Gathering families from the Purok for pastoral orientation

a. Objectives: to share life situation of families in the barangay, to discover vision as basis and direction of life, to learn principles of transforming life, and to learn Tongtongan Gimong as way of participation in the transformation of life

b. Process:

(1) Welcome the participants according to Purok. Introduce the Parish Team.

(2) Share the objectives and process of the Tongtongan Pastoral

(3) Group Workshops by Purok with PAT as facilitators

(4) Dialogue in Plenum

(5)Recap and Invitation to participate in the follow up activities. Ask each purok to send two to three couples for the training on LANGEN AGASSAWA to serve as facilitators for Purok regular gatherings

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


1. SARUNGKAR PAGTAENGAN: Visit all the families in their homes with the on training PAT.

a. Objectives: To meet the families in their homes as key to establishing relationships and to discover actual life situations of people as context of pastoral program

b. Process:

(1) Remote preparation; Meet contact persons in the barangay. Explain the objectives and processes of home visitation. Schedule the activity.

(2) Immediate Preparation: Meet the group of some barangay residents at the center to plan out the actual home visitation. Divide the parish team with the Barangay residents into Purok visitation.

(3) Home visitation in the Purok: Introduce yourselves to the family. Start casual dialogue on family, livelihood and community concerns. End the conversation with invitation to the Tongtongan Barangay.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


BEC building is process, not mechanical and instant organizing. It is a process of consciousness formation and paradigm shift. It requires participative learning as methodology. It is always the work of teams. It demands the presence of the parish priest in all the steps of the process. Animating presence, empowering participation, team work, consistency and persevering in clear gospel stance are basic requirement in the process of BEC building.


1. Role of the PAT: fulltime partners in the journey of BEC building into a way of life and mission.

2. Tasks: assist in the continuing consciousness formation among the BECs; assist in the training of BEC leaders and ministries; monitor the growth of the BECs

3. Qualities: able to relate with all walks of people, passion for change towards liberating mission, open to learning to facilitate formation activities, willing to sacrifice and suffer for Kingdom mission

4. Basic PAT training: Orientation on sense of co-responsibility in mission; basic skills for pastoral program; Pastoral Exposure to people and situation; Feedbacking as self reflection and team building; and Leaning Workshops for deepening and sustaining

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


BEC becomes a liberating way of life and mission in a parish when there is pastoral framework with a clear vision and pastoral thrust as direction and orientation, empowering pastoral program as way of implementation, emerging lay leadership from the grassroots, equal treatment in all the sacramental celebration, self-reliant financial system, sustaining participatory system and structure, alternative and liberating livelihood, and animating role of the parish priest with the supportive role of the assistant priest.;

1. CLEAR VISION AN MISSION: Vision of the Kingdom of God as fullness of life and mission to stand for justice that liberates oppressive system

2. PASTORAL THRUST: BEC, community of families in the PUROK, following Jesus in the liberating mission of the Kingdom,

3. EMPOWERING PASTORAL PROGRAM: Facilitating community worship and celebrations centered on the Word, experience of God’s presence, leading to commitment to mission of the Kingdom. Facilitating raising of awareness on issues, structural analysis, promotion of gospel alternative way of life. Facilitating community needs analysis, planning for action in a participatory way.

4. EMERGING PASTORAL LEADERSHIP: Emerging couple leaders from the communities with healthy dissatisfaction of the oppressive status quo, to serve as animating and facilitating participation of BEC in the liberating Kingdom-mission.

5. PARISH ANIMATORS TEAM (PAT): facilitating role in the implementation of the pastoral program

6. FINANCIAL SYSTEM: setting up self-reliant and liberating financial system family based participation supporting the pastoral program in the BEC and parish.

7. EQUAL SACRAMENTAL CELEBRATIONS: consistent equal treatment and simplicity in all the sacramental celebrations in the parish.

8. SUSTAINING PARTICIPATORY SYSTEM AND STURCTURE: participatory way of decision making processes in the BEC, clustering of Barangays for mobility, and regular assembly of leaders in the parish for continuing raising of awareness and solidarity in mission.

9. LIBERATING ALTERNATIVE LIVELIHOOD: creating alternative livelihood liberating families from oppressive system.

10. ANIMATING ROLE OF THE PARISH PRIEST: focused leadership of the parish priest, animating participation and co-responsibility in transformative mission, and firm in justice and liberation stance of the radical Gospel.